What we do

At Caregenix, we focus on helping healthcare teams understand their patients better by sharing knowledge across the care continuum. Our solutions add value to the entire care process by means of a patient centric and service-oriented approach which allows each physician to have patient health information at their fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence-based patient
management platfrom

Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy

Physicians can manage their patient population from one place with the Caregenix AI-based patient management platform. This platform provides trending analysis of patient population’s vital signs and alerts when patients are “out-of-range”. It also offers automatic visit scheduling for patients showing elevated readings. Thus, at a glance, the physician can determine if treatment protocols are moving the patient population in the intended direction and/or engage with patients trending in the wrong direction by scheduling visits seamlessly.

Customer Driven

The simple and flexible design of the Caregenix Solution conforms to the way healthcare service providers are doing business today. The unique program serves an outsourced model for providers & health systems to participate in Value Based Care Services at zero cost. Its multitasking capabilities and friendly graphical user interface shorten the learning curve so that new users can be up and running in days, not weeks.

Leading Edge Technology

Caregenix Artificial Intelligence based Platform is designed to fit any physicians’ current processes, size and structure, providing an easily adaptable solution. It offers a winning solution that enables care providers to penetrate, retain and manage the trending analysis of their patient population with value added services. Caregenix provides a leading-edge solution enabling better care for patients.

Flexible Services

Caregenix is built upon the flexible architecture allowing seamless practice and patient onboarding services. For the patient, the Caregenix Services include patient eligibility/consenting, direct patient device shipment, training, patient physiologic monitoring and care plan management. For the provider and care team, Caregenix provides constant monitoring/communication, automatic bill generation and submission.

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